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2017 Teacher of The Year/Jacksonville State Teacher Hall of Fame
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Sunday, November 12, 2017
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Trace Crossings Elementary School recognizes its 2017 Teacher of the Year and Jacksonville State Teacher Hall of Fame Nominees. This year's representaives are Mrs. Lisa Latham and Dr. Clark Underbakke. 

Mrs. Lisa Latham is named as the 2017 TCES Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Latham serves as the music education instructor for grades Pre-K through 4th. Mrs. Latham has been with Trace Crossings Elementary School since 2015. Mrs. Latham works to inspire and motivate students through music education each day. She is widely known and appreciated for her work beyond the classroom. For the past several years, Mrs. Latham has worked with other music educators across the district and the state as an active member in AMEA (Alabama Music Educators Association).     

Dr. Clark Underbakke is TCES's Jacksonville State Teacher Hall of Fame nominee. Dr. Underbakke has worked in the Hoover City Schools distict for over twenty years and has served as a classroom teacher at Trace Crossings Elementary School since 2003. Dr. Underbakke's wide range of experiences both in the classroom and beyond education allows him to connect with students individually and collectively. Dr. Underbakke is most appreciated for his contributions to early childhood literacy. 

Trace Crossings is very fortunate and proud to have these two amazing teachers respresenting our school and teaching our students each day. Thank you for your meaningful contributions to the field of education. 

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