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PBL - Project-Based Learning
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Thursday, March 17, 2016
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Project/Problem Based Learning is a curriculum implementation that is reflective at all grade levels at Trace Crossings Elementary. Students are engaged in learning state standards through answering an essential question related to grade level objectives. Essential questions typically include project design throughout the learning and/or working towards providing a solution to a problem. Teachers are trained in the implementation through state initiatives as well as professional development at the school level. We believe at Trace Crossings that an engaged learner is developing much needed life long learning qualities. PBL provides students with opportunities to use critical thinking skills and to apply prior knowledge in math, reading, science, technology and the arts in building new knowledge.  Some of the current PBL projects students are researching are:

  • History of Gaming (Past - Future/Digital Gaming)
  • Would a farm animal make a good pet?
  • How can Birmingham be better prepared for the 2021 World Games?  
  • Sound






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