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Counselor's Corner


Please check the Guidance/Counseling webpage for any forms such as: community service, PAL, Bully Buster, BUCs Club, parent referrals, guidance curriculum, brochure, schedule, and character announcements.

Mrs. Coleman is proud to be the school counselor for Trace Crossings Elementary School. I will deliver classroom guidance, academic guidance, and personal counseling to students. In addition, I serve on the school leadership team and student support team.  I look forward to working and collaborating with students, parents, and teachers.

Information on the guidance and counseling program on the link below


Congratulations to the Trace Crossings Elementary School

PALS 2017-2018

Arianna James

Haarika Kasukurthi

Micah Lavallet

Sophia Lowrey

Savanna Milazzo

Ashley Ordonez

Allie Owen

Arjun Soni

Sicileigh Hunt

Elizabeth Toomey


Bullying Resources  

Research shows that parents and caregivers who spend at least 15 minutes a day talking with their child can build the foundation for a strong relationship and help prevent bullying. 

The time you spend will help boost your children’s confidence and build effective strategies for facing bullying—whether children are being bullied, engaging in bullying, or witnessing bullying. 

 Take a few minutes and “check in,” by asking about school, their friends, and any challenges they face. KnowBullying has simple conversation starters to begin a discussion with your child. 


App Features


·     Conversation Starters: Start easy, meaningful conversations with your children.


·     Tips: Learn strategies to prevent bullying for ages 3—6, 7—13, and teens.


·     Warning Signs: Recognize if your child is engaging in bullying, being bullied, or witnessing bullying.


·     Reminders: Talk with your child when the time feels right: a quiet moment on the way to school or a game, during dinner, or relaxing outside.


·     Social Media: Share successful strategies and useful advice via Facebook, Twitter, email, and text messages. 

ACT Aspire Links

The following is a list of resources for understanding your child's score.

ACT Aspire Improvement Ideas for Grade 3

ACT Aspire Parent Overview

ACT Aspire Parent Letter

Why Take ACT Aspire? English

Why Take ACT Aspire? Espanol

ACT Aspire Score Scales

ACT Aspire Alabama Benchmarks

ACT Aspire readiness levels are reported as Ready, Close or In Need of Support.  Students in the Ready category have met the ACT Readiness Benchmark, and are on target for 50% or higher likelihood of college course success by grade 11.  Students in the Close category scored below, but near the ACT Readiness Benchmark, considering the measurement error.  These students should be able to achieve Ready by working harder through their areas of improvement throughout the year at home and in the classroom.  Student in the In Need of Support category performed substantially below the ACT Readiness Benchmark and may need help through various interventions offered at Trace Crossings.

Here are a few places you can find help with ACT Aspire:

ACT Aspire Exemplar Items

What it looks like?

Math Practice

Reading Practice

Story Builder for more practice

Online Reading Comprehension Practice

Math sites that will help with fluency:

Khan Academy - Gives practice plus example videos. 

Math-Drills - Gives worksheets to practice on fluency. 

K5Learning - Gives practice with word problems.


  Character Traits


August- Respect

September- Friendship

October- Creativity

November- Gratitude

December- Generosity

January- Commitment

February- Kindness

March- Patience

April- Peace

May- Honesty